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Hi, I'm Hannah! This blog is here to help document the adventures of Ender and I. 

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Weekly Photo Challenge - 7 & 8

I just realized that I missed this week previously, haha, and unfortunately I've hurt my wrist and can't even hold my dang camera. Typing this is actually a quest in itself. The week I had missed is "headshot" which is pretty self explanatory. Luckily headshot are some of my favorites to take so I've got a lot to put up. Here are some of my favorites.

There you go! A few of my favorite head shots. I have so many more, honestly. These were the easiest to find. I enjoy shooting people the most so I have hundreds to go through. I'm also discovering how badly typing hurts my stupid wrist. So Ender and I shall bid you adieu with a photo of us, expressing how we both feel about my wrist and not being able to do our normal exercise routines. Hoping you all enjoy your week... Springtime and such. 

All our love,
Hannah & Ender

Weekly Photo Challenge - 6

A few posts back I briefly wrote about a new trade I was picking up. I didn't, however, say what that trade was. Well get ready because I'm now learning how to restore, repair, and tune pianos. What? Why? Honestly, I don't know. The opportunity presented itself to me and I said..."Why not?" I had no idea what to expect when I jumped into this new trade but in the few weeks since I've started I've learned that patience truly is key. I think the universe is trying to tell me something. All of the trades I have picked up recently requires patience. I have none of it.
I'm most impatient with myself, I expect to pick things up quickly and perfectly but apparently thats "unproductive" and "detrimental to (my) growth." Hahaha. Wonderful. So not only am I learning how to tune pianos by ear, I'm practicing patience. Its exhausting. 

This week's challenge was to do a faceless portrait. I had so many ideas in mind and was very excited for this week's challenge but busyness consumed my week and I had to shoot what was available. I am still pretty happy about how these turned out, even though I shot them pretty quickly during a lesson, but I've got to work with what I've got, right? So here is my new teacher working on a piano. I'm super excited to start mastering the art of tuning.

Weekly Photo Challenge - 5

Photo Challenge number FIVE. I was challenged to do a macro shot of candy. Guess who fudged the rules again?? ME. haha forever fudging rules, I guess. I did a macro shot but not of candy. I really don't have candy lying around so I pulled out my 50mm, went on a hike, and shot whatever I caught my eye. Then I found this adorable little creature...

I don't know what kind of mushroom this is but I saw him peeking through the wet dead leaves and couldn't help but stare. The cap a had this thick layer of shiny goo that looked oddly delicious and it was just tall enough to catch my attention. I spent a moment imagining myself as a tiny person running across this shelter from the rain. I'd stay there for the day, waiting for the storm to pass. This was way better than candy.

Weekly Photo Challenge - 4

This weeks challenge was another Landscape shot. The terms were Black & White so I shot something quick while I was in Portola. I loved the rays of sunshine brightening up the young tree in the bottom right corner of the shot. I wanted to try something new with this landscape shot as well so instead of trying to capture EVERYTHING possible, attempting to fit all the beauty into one shot, I tried to focus on something a bit smaller. I'm not sure if it really counts as "landscape photography" but I enjoyed it and I enjoy this shot. Also, you may notice a hint of green. I didn't listen to the rules. I muted it a ton but I still like that small taste of green in the trees. 

Thanks for reading/looking! 

Weekly Photo Challenge - 3

Guess who is already behind?? ME. haha Of course.
I took the photos during the weeks I was supposed to but I've been unbelievably unmotivated to be on the computer which is...very odd for me. So I chose to embrace that! But a couple weeks ago my photo challenge or "inspiration" for the week was the color red. I had a couple ideas to do some interior design type shots but I ended up in the redwoods one afternoon and couldn't resist. There is no better "red" inspiration than redwood trees. As Ender sniffed and trotted ahead of me, I photographed everything in sight. Again, stepping out of my comfort zone, I tried to do some nature shots. This fallen tree was so glorious and the red on the inside is so rich. Tell me what you think. I really need some pointers! 

I also got a couple shots of Ender. (Duh) Others are on Instagram but I really liked these as well. 


Another post will be coming shortly. Again, I'm sorry about the lack of consistency, I'll try to get better. I'm realizing that I'm a medium-low energy person and training dogs for 5 hours a day really takes it out of me. So much so that I can't even get on the computer to write!? Thats pretty ridiculous. I was lucky to adopt a dog who has the same energy level as me. I'm reminded how lucky I am every day when he doesn't pester me or destroy things from lack of energy exertion. 

Thank you everyone who continues to check in on my life happenings. I really appreciate you all!
      All our love,
                  Hannah&Ender xx

52 Week Photo Challenge - 2

This weeks Challenge was "Landscape." As much as I admire landscape photography... I cannot, for the life of me, shoot a good landscape shot. I never feel as though I can properly capture the beauty of the earth and I just get down on myself. But I tried this week. I knew I'd being going out to Arnold for the long weekend so I decided to take shots in the snow. Everything about these photos is "out of my comfort zone," but I tried and I don't think I completely failed. I got cute shots of the dogs and okay shots of the Earth. But I'd LOVE feedback and tips on how to do good Landscape photography, I'm truly at a loss. 

A post will come soon about the night and day spent in Arnold with the pups :) Thanks for reading and commenting! You guys are awesome! :) 

52 Week Photo Challenge - 1

The first challenge for the new year was to take a "selfie" or a self portrait. I've actually taken quite a few self portraits and usually use them to get rid of some anger or sadness. I thought that this challenge would be easy so I didn't think about the photo or plan anything out. I quickly shot a couple photos this morning and of course, they didn't end up how I wanted them to. Way to start off this challenge, lazily and wishing I did more! haha. But the idea behind these photos is that I'm trying to make myself more vulnerable/more comfortable with vulnerability. I live a pretty guarded life, just because it tends to be easier that way, but I'm hoping as I get older I can grow into a more open and expressive person. I've also been feeling a tad low this week, which is probably why my face looks the way it does. I very unsatisfied with these photos and am a little embarrassed this is how I am starting off my challenge. But it's a good kick in the pants and I'm definitely going to try harder next week.

Also, sorry if this is too exposed for some of the people I know looking at this. Haha. Thanks for reading!! 
                         Hannah & Ender xx