Hannah Eugster
Hannah Eugster


Hi, I'm Hannah! This blog is here to help document the adventures of Ender and I. 

I'm Back!

I know its been ages since I've posted, I've been wrapped up in mediocre events, traveling, and trying to figure out my life, but I'm back now and I plan on coming back strong. I'll try to update you all on what has been happening though I  cannot even fathom the last few months I've had. Life has been a whirlwind of long drives, longer flights, and unbelievable amounts of fun. I'm not even sure where to begin... so here are the bullet points...

  • I quit my dog training gig to focus on piano and photo more. 
  • I've become an apprentice piano tuner and restorer. It is... difficult and time consuming and frustrating and unbelievably satisfying. I'm slowly falling in love with this world and plan on jumping head first now that I'm home from recent excursions.
  • I was in Europe for 3 weeks, visiting so many countries I have yet to fully wrap my head around what I actually experienced.
  • After not having consistent work and then leaving the country for 3 weeks, I'm running very low on funds. So scrounging and scraping by... but whats life without a little uncertainty? (Huge thanks to my parents for being extremely supportive and understanding)
  • And of course, trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing with my life. Apparently running around screaming, "I'm a grown-up!" does not actually make you a "grown-up" 

Despite the hiccup that is my life, I plan on coming back strong. But I'll need your help. I've got many ideas for future media content but I want to know what you guys want to see. Constantly updating about my life is getting dull and I'd like to mix it up. I want to do things you guys want to see. I want to do things you all would take time out of your day to read/watch/look at. So please, TELL ME!  I'm open to all ideas. You can dare me to do something stupid! I'll record and put it here. haha. Almost anything. Don't get too carried away. haha. You can comment below or email me or whatever I have on my contact page. Do it. Say Anything.