Hannah Eugster
Hannah Eugster


Hi, I'm Hannah! This blog is here to help document the adventures of Ender and I. 

21 hours in Arnold

My wonderful friend Kristina, invited me to stay with her, her brothers and their significant others at their cabin in Arnold for the long weekend. Unfortunately, dogs don't know who Martin Luther King Jr. is or why we celebrate his birthday, so I still had to go to work and train them on Monday. I told her, "If you decide to come back Sunday, I'd love to go with you."  A week passed and she decided she'd come back Sunday. I packed my bag, loaded the dogs in the car, and we drove east to Arnold.

We got there in the evening and spent the rest of our night enjoying a few beers and games with the whole gang while Ender, Pippin, and Scotty ran their little hearts out around the house. After a hilarious evening spent by the fire, we slowly fell into a deep and well deserved slumber while watching a movie. The next morning/afternoon was spent drinking hot beverages and playing in the snow and it was AMAZING! Being the sun worshipper Ender is, I was sure he was going to hate the snow. I was wrong. He absolutely loved it! He was prancing around and sprinting through it! I had "proud dog mama" written all over my face. The three boys all reacted very differently to the snow, Ender loved it, Pippin was indifferent, and Scotty wanted to be held most of the time. Either way, we had a great time and I hope we can go again! I can't wait for Ender to be 100% reliable off leash so he can explore a bit more and go be a real dog! Until then we'll enjoy our half on leash, half off leash time together. 

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