Hannah Eugster
Hannah Eugster


Hi, I'm Hannah! This blog is here to help document the adventures of Ender and I. 

Afternoon Coffee and Gardens

These are my favorite kind of days. Slow mornings, coffees in the afternoon, and walks in the gardens. Angus lives in the sweetest spot, just outside of the CBD and across the street from Carlton Gardens. Its gorgeous and I've loved spending time here for the past couple of weeks. This particular day was spent reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, which I finished in a week, and shopping for undies at Bonds.

Angus and I are pretty much masters at relaxing and taking our days slowly. I really appreciate not having to feel like I've got to be somewhere constantly. I'm happy just hanging out at a coffee shop all afternoon and watching all the people go by. Sometimes I worry that I may be wasting my time here, I mean I have had 1 month in Melbourne and I haven't done anything too different. But I'm realizing that I'm just as happy (if not more) laying in bed until 10:30 as I would be trekking around the city. I love that all of my friends here make me exuberantly happy and just being around them is whats made this trip worth while.  (Ender tangent, Get Ready.)

The only thing missing from this otherwise perfect trip, are daily pats and walks with my dog/buddy. Its strange realizing how attached Ender & I are. I've always joked about it because, at home, I'm rarely seen without my dog. But after this trip I'm realizing just how much his presence effects me. Walking places alone is no longer comforting, instead I feel something is missing. It is strange being in a park without my pup walking along side me. It is strange working on the computer without my pup lying underneath my feet. It is strange being invited places and not having to ask, "Can Ender come too?" Ender really has changed my life in such a positive way, its odd not having my security blanket with me constantly. 

That being said, people (Angus) have told me that this trip is probably healthy for us. More me than Ender. (Dogs love consistency and I feel terrible about leaving him for so long.) However, for me, its probably good not having to rely on my dog for everything. Probably takes some pressure off of him as well! As hard as it has been to be away from him for so long I'm grateful for what this trip has given me. I also am extremely grateful for the wonderful people in my life that are taking care of my mutt. I'm so lucky to have such lovely human beings surrounding me. If it weren't for all of you I wouldn't be the slightly sane person that I am today. So Thank You!