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Hannah Eugster


Hi, I'm Hannah! This blog is here to help document the adventures of Ender and I. 

Dogue-Edition 1


Even though October is still warm here in California, fall has arrived and we'll take any excuse to wear a knitted scarf. Ender is the epitome of "Fall Dog Fashion" in his homemade scarf and newsboy hat. Some people believe that behind all the cameras and lights, dogs have different personalities; that they put a show on for the camera and revert back to their normal selves behind the scenes. But not this guy. What you see is what you get from this classy canine. He is a calm, cool, and collected fellow. that enjoys his slow mornings and afternoon walks. "My favorite part of the day is after my human has fed me breakfast and we snuggle for about an hour before she leaves for work," he says. 

We enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood chatting about the things that interest him the most. "I'll pee on anything that needs a good marking but my fav--SQUIRREL--my favorite things to pee on are piles of... anything, really." He had a lot of insight about his favorite hiking spots and where to catch a good snooze; for instance, while his human is enjoying coffee at the place they walk to once a week. But I really wanted to know about his journey from behind bars to the fashion forward pup he has become. I waited until we got back home from our stroll to ask the serious questions.

We sat in his room, he offered me a mug of tea, and we curled up on an ash grey Mexican blanket, his personal favorite. Without hesitation, he began to speak as if he already knew the question. "I've been with my human for over a year now and its hard to recall what I was even doing before we became companions. I made some mistakes in the past, and that's how I ended up at the shelter. I was raised with some cats that didn't know how to play. They constantly hissed and batted at my head. The humans there said I couldn't be tamed and dropped me off at the local shelter. Then I got picked up by some pleasant folks , sat in a car for a couple hours, and ended up in another cell. It was a nicer cell...but it was still a cell." He paused as he listened to some squirrels scurrying on the redwood trees behind his house, but didn't bark or show any interest in them. "A lot of humans came by my cell, sticking their fingers through the bars to try and touch me. I couldn't care less. Occasionally I'd feel up for a pat, but I mostly slept until I got to walk or play with the other inmates."

"Months went by in my cell, I started to get real down on myself. Why doesn't anyone want me? Whats wrong with me? I became more and more unsure of myself. Then a zealous woman approached me, and I was so excited to get out of my cell! I played and played with her, and she brought me to her house that day! I met her two tiny humans and went about my business, sniffing the new terrain and looking for things to chew. What I didn't know was that she'd soon drop me back off at the shelter. I still don't know what I did wrong to this day. My mom says that the kids didn't like me, that they thought I was boring. I don't know what "boring" means, but mom says its a silly word and its not true anyways so I shouldn't worry about it. But the night that lady dropped me off I got so angry and confused I chewed up my whole bed and tore apart my blanket. It was a dark time for me."

"Its hard to look to the future, especially as a dog. You know, because we can't rationalize or plan anything. We can really only focus on one thing at a time. But this proved useful when I met my new and forever human. The second we met, I forgot about the previous humans and only could focus on her. She came to my rescue in an all black ensemble, ready to lead me to a new life. I knew she was the one. We played and played for hours. She even brought friends along to meet me, but all I could focus on was her. She didn't bring me home that day but somehow I knew she was going to be mine. When she showed up the next morning with more friends, I couldn't wait to scamper off into our future. Fast forward to now... I'll do anything for one of those meat cubes she treats me with. I love this time of year because mom always makes sure I'm warm enough. Being a Pitbull/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, I'm built for the sun. Crisp mornings are lovely, but I need a jacket or scarf. Before I even have a chance to shiver, mom puts one of my pieces on and we are set for our walk. I never thought I'd get so lucky."

 Ender likes colors that compliment his reddish/brown coat, trying to look as natural as possible for fall. "I love this time of year because I match EVERYTHING. I look like the leaves that crunch under my feet." He sticks to leather collars and earthy colored accessories. He's had a light blue leash for as long as he can remember, but may be in the market for something new. Perhaps a European lead?

I took my final sip of tea and thanked him for his story. Ender was so much more down-to-earth than expected. It was a refreshing afternoon with a lovely pup, breaking many stereotypes.

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Hannah&Ender xx