Hannah Eugster
Hannah Eugster


Hi, I'm Hannah! This blog is here to help document the adventures of Ender and I. 

Working Girl

Sorry its been so long since I've last posted, I have recently gotten a full time job at Bay Area Family K9 Training (which has been amazing!) but it hasn't left much time for extras. Plus, I'm heading out to Australia November 1st and I'll be out there for a month. So mixing working, packing, getting a room ready for a renter, and being sick for a few days... I haven't had much time to update my blog :( But here are some random things worth mentioning...


This is Cheryl and I adore her. I've known her for a very long time and admire her so much. I also loved the photos from this short shoot at the beach because she is absolutely stunning. 

These are my sisters. I love this photo of them.

Ender bender, this photo soothes me. I'm going to miss him while I'm gone. One whole month without my pooch.

And I just found this gem from January. Pretty accurate description of how I felt at the time.

I just found this photo from September of last year! This was back before I officially adopted Ender, we were still calling him "Brown Dog" and were testing the waters for 2 weeks. He is wearing his lime green collar from the shelter but he and Riley bonded the moment they met.

I hope your month has been great! Tell me about it! What is your favorite thing about Autumn?