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Hannah Eugster

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-About us-

Hi there! My name is Hannah and my lovely mutt is Ender. 

This is me...

I'm an adult-child trying to create a sustainable and adventurous life for me and my pup. I follow my passions everyday while documenting each step I take. I've spent a few years over seas and, since rescuing Ender, have put many miles on my car discovering what my own country has to offer. Many people thought that getting Ender would be a hindrance on my normal nomadic ways and, to be honest I was worried he might be too, but since Ender and I have been in one another's lives a new passion has sparked in my soul. Not only have I gained a best friend and travel buddy, but my eyes have been opened to the horrible stigma against bully breed dogs and have taught me about what I can do to help. In the meantime, I'll continue blogging/photographing my rescue pup, showing that rescue dogs make wonderful companions. 

and This is Ender...

Ender is a hilarious mixture of sleep and spurts of energy. He is a goofball who has been lovely throughout our training and playtime. He loves hiking and chasing squirrels but couldn't care less about a tennis ball. He is a a rescue from the Dublin SPCA in California and now lives the sweet life with many humans, 3 permanent dog siblings, and many other pups he helps raise. I'm pretty sure some kind of bullybreed/rhodesian ridgeback mix but it truly doesn't matter. I don't know how 2 families didn't want this ball of love but I'm so happy that I got to take him home and have a new best friend. He has sparked a love for the outdoors in me and has made me a more confident and understanding human being. 

The story of Ender and I is your classic, adopt-a-dog story.

I found this lovely quadruped online at adoptapet.com and then met him at the East Bay SPCA. Initially I was looking for a dog for my Mama. She briefly stated that she might want to maybe look for another dog and I jumped on the half formed idea before she even realized what she had said. "Gender?" Any. "Age?" All. "Breed?" Pit bull. 

I grew up knowing nothing about the bad rap pit bull type dogs have and loved our family's pit mix with all of my heart. He was the sweetest puppy, most loving and loyal dog, and now he is the one of the coolest senior dogs I've ever known and continues to amaze me everyday that he is in my life. Of course I was going to want another companion just like him!! It wasn't until a couple years ago that I started hearing whispers about this breed of dog but I never believed any of them. My dog was amazing and no one could tell me otherwise. But...back to searching for a new dog ----> After typing in the parameters for my next dog I found 2 pups who looked like they'd be a great match for me and my family. The first, a brown 6 month old pit mix described as a "couch potato" and a fawn puppy who had a sweet disposition and 6-pack abs. I decided to meet the brown dog first, little did I know I was about to meet my adventure buddy, my partner in crime, my best friend.

Now...I don't want to say it was "love at first sight"... but it was definitely "love at first lick." I hung out with Ender for an hour before being dragged out of the play area by my sister. We had immediately clicked and he definitely was more interested in me than any of the other people that were in the pen with us. :) From then on I knew this pup had to be in my life. 

Fast forwarding to the present and Ender and I have only been in each other's lives for about a year but I can't remember what I was doing without him, what my drive to wake up was everyday. This boy has impacted my life so greatly and has done so much good in my life. However, I can't pretend its been rainbows and butterflies since I've gotten him. Its been quite the journey. We've definitely had our ups and downs, good days and bad. But I've never had a more rewarding experience. 

Thanks for dropping by our website. :) If you're ever in the Bay Area feel free to contact me for a pack walk or some photos of your fur babies! I'm always out with a social pack of pups and would love to meet you and your pack! 

Our best, Hannah&Ender. xx